About MMP

The ultimate utility for any coach, trainer, parent or player. Not only is it something to use, it’s something to learn from. Here’s a closer look at what Mobile Match Prep does.

  • Tactic Board. The Tactic Board is an area where you can add different formations ranging from 5v5 to 11v11, move players, draw movements and take notes to explain important positioning tactics specifically for your team to generate a plan to exploit the opposition.
  • Training Ground. The Training Ground was made for you to plan your training sessions and pre-game drills. Drag cones, goals, balls and other equipment around the field, then save and email the session to your players and assistant coaches so they know what’s in store for training.
  • Formations. There is always a debate as to what formation you should use against specific opponents. Our Formations section informs you of the strengths, weaknesses and strategies for each of the 11v11 formations we've installed within the app.
  • Player Manual. The opportunity to truly educate the soccer community was made possible in our Player Manual. Built directly into our app is a list of 25 Elements of Successful Soccer Play. Each element provides a deeper look into what you can do to make your game play successful.
  • Drills. A fully populated source that gives you a handful of drills to pick from and use at your next training session. Drill types include passing, shooting, goalkeeping, fitness, possession and other important skill sets needed to become successful. Drills are updated regularly to keep your training fresh.
  • User Guide. With all that MMP has to offer, we felt the need to create an informative user guide for you to know all the capabilities of this wonderful soccer app.

Mobile Match Prep was engineered with the focus of becoming the next generation clipboard, except with a lot more detail and better interactivity. We wanted to help inspire creativity throughout the game and provide an added dimension - and with Mobile Match Prep we did just that.

We’ve even taken it a step further with our MMP Stylus & Pen which makes a great experience even better. It acts just as your fingers would except it leaves no smudges and no fingerprints and allows for even greater precision when using MMP. Get yours here today.

What Others are Saying

“MMP Soccer is a fantastic tool for coaches and players. I can setup my training sessions and provide detailed match strategies for my players to understand what needs to be done to win our matches. I highly recommend this app and feel it is hands down the best soccer app for coaches at any level.”
Paul Payne
Past President of the NSCAA
Head Men's Coach - Bloomsburg University
"I have used numerous different coaching apps and this one is by far the best. I use it during my half time talks to show advanced tactics for my older teams and to show my younger teams basic formations and positioning. The training ground is great for planning and saving training sessions. I recommend this app to any coach, first year or seasoned veteran."
"This is one of the best if not the best tool available to soccer coaches. It allows players to see a side of the game that cannot be conveyed on the field. As part of the learning process of the game it is important for players to understand it along with the ability to execute it on the field. This app will definitely be an important tool in my daily coaching."

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